Verein für Integration und soziales Verständnis

Association for Integration and Social Understanding

Association pour l'intégration et la compréhension sociale


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What we do/ Who we are

We are an association founded in 2020 with a focus on promoting the integration of immigrant citizens and encouraging the personal responsibility of children in economically disadvantaged areas.

The new world order we are experiencing has moved us to also want to actively change something.

Project: Children in difficult circumstances in Peshawar

After our visit in 2020, we decided to target children of refugees from the Pashtun ethnic group, who have been forgotten by decades of political instability in the region.

Project : Child labour has many facets 


In order to ensure the integration of immigrant fellow citizens, one of the most important aspects in our eyes is the targeted education of children and local people. 





Project : Child labour has many facets 


The work does not have to be poorly paid at first glance, but educational poverty cannot be compensated with any money in the world. 




All our projects are only started if the financing of a project can be guaranteed for one year, as the disappointment for the children would be too great.


Our local "Ethic-agent", who belongs to the same ethnic group, takes responsibility for the funds on site to ensure that they are not used against the statutes of the association.

Cultural Adviser
Volunteer Officer



We take over the supervision and organisation of new and existing projects on site.


Activities of the association

  • Impact of modern society on the "childhood" period
  • Encouraging the child to take responsibility for himself
  • Exploring the possibility of adapting different immigrant cultures and customs to Austrian values
  • Exploiting the experience of past generations for the purpose of avoiding the mistakes committed by past generations.
  • Promotion of physical activity in everyday life and old age
  • Animal welfare
  • Avoiding the formation of parallel societies
  • Combating any kind of extremism
  • Stabilization by financing projects in economically disadvantaged countries to avoid illegal economic immigration to Europe (especially to Austria).



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